Nobody is ordinary. Each person is a brand in their own life. Sometimes an object, sometimes a dress coalescing with our body or a scent that we associate with our memories is the thing that connects us with the brand.


We love life, we seek the mystery of art in each frame of life and we also know that we will love the life if we love ourselves. We get on the wonderful stage that is called life by giving the most important care to ourselves as we seek harmony in each field of life. The city lights are upon us …

We prepare you for a grandiose shows as of PISIDIA


We are looking for dealers to sell the bamboo socks of Pisidia brand of our company.

If you have a retail store, if you are making sales on social media and through online networks, you can be our sales partner in sale of our socks which are completely healthy products.

You can display our products on our stands which are our design or as you wish, you can display them on your consoles with the help of their hangers.

In our stands;

  1. You can display 27 pairs of women’s and 27 pairs of men’s socks, a total of 54 products. So it is a good opportunity to start by taking a big step with a small cost.
  2. There are 27 pairs of socks with different patterns are ready, as 9 pairs of invisible, 9 pairs of no show and 9 pairs of quarter model.
  3. Photos which are designed to be used in all kinds of online catalogue and on internet will be provided bhy us.
  4. Our products are produced with 100% bamboo thread and have Oeko-tex certificate.
  5. They provide health and freshness with its antibacterial feature.
  6. It prevents fungus formation with its natural texture
  7. It prevents foot odor and reeking in shoes.
  8. It feels like you are not wearing any socks with its texture and fine structure.
  9. It doesn’t become rigid like other socks.
  10. It is suitable to be used in all seasons.

If you consider selling our bamboo socks which are environment friendly and designed with the patterns in our life, you can send your information to the address stated below.


Thanks for your interest.

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Pi Socks Tekstil ve Çorap San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

from 9 am to 6 pm; GMT +3

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Bakırköy, Istanbul

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