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The firm Pi Socks has been located in İstanbul and focused on export operations. In the same time, the firm works as a business partners for international firms by providing contract production, market research, quality control and intermediate trade services.

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Their Vision;

Transforming Pi Socks to a company that serves end consumers their own products on various countries of the world until the year 2030. As a first step, they have registered a brand called “PİSİDİA” and now they have set to work for serving the end consumers with qualified and useful socks.

They have set as their mission to produce environmentally friendly textile goods that does not harm health and  contribute to a sustainable environment.

Their Values are;

Respecting the human and all other living beings that we are sharing the world with

Being transparent and reliable

Being solution and quality oriented

Producing environmentally friendly goods

Being the best on their Works

They are stating that, even though it’s difficult to work together as husband and wife, we are taking high care with our products for your feet to be healthy and environment to be not damaged; please note that “the house stands on a base”. They are inviting you to try the service provided by Pi Socks.


Nilgün Özgün Daldaban, was born in Burdur in 1975, graduated from 3 universities; is literally a student, slightly crazy, workaholic, perfectionist, a person that is always in the pursuit of her dreams, probably a little feminist and is a daughter, wife, mother and sister that grumbles at times by saying “I was meant to be a traveler, why am I a textile businesswoman now”.

Even though she has worked in large and various firms in the sector for the last 20 years, she is a businesswoman that never gives up questioning and likes asking for support from each one of her colleagues by saying “I’m not able to deal with this, can you help me?”. She even always talks on cell phone while she is on vacation just because of the reason.

15 years ago, when she left her job in an English firm, by saying “how can I be an international supplier” she has got in contact with relevant people via email and performed her first export to Portugal. She has considered that she has the required ability and knowledge and believed in herself. When she has met with Henk from the Horizon Sources SAS firm, she have realized that she is an amateur that sells products and does not ask for any financial return. She always remembers the dinner in Sultanahmet had with that dutch grandfather on which he adviced her that “determine the value of your efforts, it’s not the profit but how you value yourself”.

Today, on the way she proceeds together with Zafer Daldaban, she is struggling to add value to socks with authentic products by embracing the manner of ethical merchandise. She advices everyone to not wear cheap socks by saying “socks are not even valued as much as gum in our country although the health is originated from the foot and mouth”.

She always applies her motto to her professional and private life in which she says “the best part of telling the truth is, it does never require you to remember it again”.

Zafer Bekir DALDABAN

Zafer Bekir Daldaban; born in Istanbul in 1977, a lover of Uskudar, Maiden’s Tower and Fish.

He is always remembered as sympathizer and understanding person because of his doe-eyed presence, devoted to his family, a professional business actor that does not reflect his stress to the workers, that is arised from the delaying works and only understood by close friends.

He is an old advertiser specialized also in accounting and logistics which are reinforced by his business life experiences that has started at an early age.

He is a controlling person for any work that is done, solution oriented, and believed to be able convince any person with his calm personality.

He has discovered the in the industry of socks after he met with Nilgün Özgün with a discussion that showed up because of his words “after all it’s a sock”. Now he is stating that “socks, underwear and shoes are the products that protect the health of people, the rest is no more than the icon called fashion”.

These two persons, that set a high value on their customers, are the owners of Pi Socks Çorap Ve Tekstil San. Tic. LTD.Şti.

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Pi Socks Tekstil ve Çorap San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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